Where To Ride a Hot Air Balloon In The US

At some point in time, we will want to have an incredible adventure like flying in a hot air balloon. A hot air balloon ride is the best means of having extraordinary and adventurous experience. Riding a hot air balloon won’t only be fun, but it will also be memorable. Below is a list of places to have fantastic views of skyline and landscapes of beautiful places in a hot air balloon ride.


Orlando, Florida is a place to have a nice hot air balloon ride, plummet into the sky. Fly over the Universal studio, Disney world and a beautiful view of theme parks in the city. Flying above the beautiful city of Orlando in a hot balloon is a bravura experience you are never going to forget. Flying at sunrise, it’s like you are moving with the sun. You get to have a beautiful glimpse of an iconic panoramic view of Florida’s skyline and countryside. It’s like perceiving the entire city in a single event. Orlando is a lovely place to be.


The Napa Valley in the iconic state of California is another place in the U.S. to have the pleasant experience of flying in a hot air balloon. Flying over Napa Valley allows you to see breathtaking views of the magnificent vineyards, beautiful homes, and wineries in the vicinity. It’s got an impressive landscape green fields and architectural masterpieces all within reach of your eyes, it’s terrific! There are also beautiful views of nearby mountains. You are going have a little wine tour right from the sky. Flying in a hot air balloon makes it easy for you to know where to visit next when you touch down. With just about $215 you will inherit the unforgettable experiences.


At the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, you can fulfil your bucket list. Rocky Mountains Hot Air, LLC and Hot Air Balloon Flight are there to give you smooth and refreshing journey into the sky. In about 90 minutes, from about 10000 feet high in the sky; you will see the beautiful spread of the Rocky Mountains and the beautiful surrounding landscapes. It is probably going to be the only time when you very high the sky and able to get an exclusive vista of the skyline. $195 all you need to have a delightful experience of a lifetime.


Taking a trip to see one of the natural wonders and pride of the country is a fantastic thing to do. The Grand Canyon is a must to visit. What would make your trip more memorable is you riding in a hot air balloon? When flying in a hot air balloon, you will witness everything in vivid scenes from canyon to the Colorado River and other natural landscape within a 100-mile space. With about $1400, you will experience the three-hour journey, 18000 feet high across the emblematic natural wonders. It is an experience you will always remember and love to share with your loved ones.