Where to Learn to Operate a Hot Air Balloon

The sky seemed the limited of humanity for a very long time. We have always wanted to reach the clouds and take a look at our world from above. This dream became reality more than a century ago when the first hot air balloon was invented. From that point on the technological advancement in aviation was amazing and many people believed that this machine will be forgotten. But the popularity of the hot air balloon remained thanks to the fact that it is a very nice way to observe the nature and to have some quiet and relaxing moments. There are countless places world-wide where you can take a ride but there are many people that would like to operate the balloon themselves. Finding the right place for you to learn how to fly a hot air balloon can be a challenging task. We have listed some of the best places where you can learn how to operate a hot air balloon in order to bring you closer to the clouds.

Be Aware of Laws

First of all, pay attention to the aviation law in your country. There are many places in which the steps for acquiring a flight permit are different. For example, in the U.K. you will have to enroll to an aviation school where you will first have to learn the theoretical part, the mechanics behind the hot air balloon. After you have the basic knowledge you will have to do a test and after that you can start the practical part. Here you will go with an instructor to the skies, where you will learn how to operate it. The final part is the practical exam and if you do well you will get you diploma, and you will be able to fly yourself. You can do all of this British Balloon and Airship club or at Virgin Balloon flights.

Attend a School

In the United States you can find a school in almost every state. Here you can get your permit directly from the flight school. In California for example you can go to Adventure Flights or Balloon Excelsior to get the basic skills and even a commercial permit if you want to share your hobby with other people. Utah is another great place to go and learn how to operate a hot air balloon because you will get the chance to see some of the most beautiful views. Balloon the Rockies is a great school where you can learn the theory and practical part.

In Europe there are also many great places where you can learn this but be careful because each country has a different law system for the hot air balloons. The best place to go is in northern Europe in countries like Sweden, Norway and Latvia where there are countless places from which you can even rent a hot air balloon to show your skills. In this area you will also see some of the best views in the whole world.