Versions of Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons are some of the coolest inventions for leisure activities and not only. The beginning of the balloons was a long time ago when people still wondered how to pursue the permanent dream of reaching the skies. Hot air balloons came and solved this problem in a very simple and innovative way. The dream of looking at the peaks of the mountains from above became reality and the popularity of the hot air balloons grew immediately after they were invented. This innovation was also used for military purposes but just for a short period of time and soon it returned to be a wonderful leisure activity. Being a very simple invention, many people want to build their own in order to enjoy the dream of flying. We have listed some tips on how to make a hot air balloon in order to enjoy your leisure activities.

Mini Hot Air Balloons

There are some mini hot air balloons that are used in celebrations and parties. The balloon part is usually made of light paper or a thin plastic bag. This is for the balloon part. The lower opening should be big, but the mouth of the balloon should be tighter that the upper part so that air is not escaping. The mini basket can be made from paper and if you want to be extra DIY you can take some straws and wave them into a tiny basket. The basket is then attached to the balloon with light strings that should be strong enough to support the basket. You can do some preliminary trails to see if the strings are strong enough before attaching it to the balloon. The tiny basket is supposed to support the heating source which will usually be a flat candle for this type of hot air balloon. The basket should be wide enough to fit the candle and make sure that once the candle is lit the flame is not burning the basket.

Another accident that may happen is that the flame will burn the attachment strings or the balloon itself. Be careful and do some trials before you launch your little hot air balloon. Another thing to be careful about is to make sure that all the strings are equal in length. Otherwise, you will see that the basket will tilt, and the candle will burn the strings and the basket. If all these preliminary trails are good, you can launch you balloon.

Real Hot Air Balloons

Real hot air balloons are made with the exact same principle as their mini versions, but the material and the size differ. The material of the balloon is usually fire-proof and the source of heat is in a special basket above the passenger basket. The passenger basket is much more resistant, and many have little benches for extra comfort during the flight. The strings are actually strong ropes that also have steering mechanisms so that you can have control over the balloon. This is in short how a real-life hot air balloon is made.