The Joys of Hot Air Ballooning

Most people often consider hot air ballooning as one of life’s few magical experiences. It is tough for most people to explain the joys and wonder of lying with the wind with no sensation of movement. From the mystical morning with the fog lying in the low valleys to the brilliant sunrise.  Flying in a hot balloon is usually not like other aircraft as the only feeling of movement will be from your eyes, you will see that you are moving, but your body won’t feel anything as you drift with the breeze. Here are some of the joys of hot air ballooning.


With everyone ready in the basket, the pilot brings the balloon to life although not like roaring in most aircraft engines, and then you start to ascend gently. The mounting is gentle and slow, and you won’t get any adrenaline rush accompanied by most high height adventure activities.


One of the joys of hot air ballooning is the spectacular views that emerge as you move up in the sky. You may decide to enjoy and live the moment once, or you can capture the moments on camera. You don’t have to worry about losing your phone while you are trying to catch moments as most hot air balloon company have equipped the balloon with photo equipment to help ease your worry.


It’s only reasonable for you to be worried about the stability of the basket as other passengers move around. You shouldn’t worry about that at all. One of the joys of hot air ballooning is the stability of the balloons. Manufacturers understand this and ensure that everyone feels safe and stable. Some basket can accommodate up to 20 people with the basket weighing about 800 lbs or more, and you naturally can’t  control the movement of 20 people except you want to be tagged the uncool one. So sit back and enjoy the ride your stability is guaranteed.


Most people often ask this question. The answer to this is as fast as the wind blows. Part of the exhilarating experience of hot air ballooning is that you get to fly along with the move. Floating with the pace of the wind is a beautiful feeling. It is one that will make your hot air balloons a memorable one. In cases where the wind speeds rise unexpectedly to an unsafe level, your pilot will get you safely on the ground in short time. If the weather is not so conducive for flying when you want to take off, you won’t even take off at all.


There is a standing tradition of cracking open some champagne after landing a successful hot air balloon flight. Some people usually consider this a requirement to concluding the trip. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can request for non-alcoholic champagne as you enjoy the tradition with other passengers. It caps a beautiful adventure and ensures the day is joyful all through.