The Ideal Date On a Hot Air Balloon

While most people would be content with a traditional date such as dinner and a movie, some may want to try something more exciting that can still be romantic. Picture yourself drifting above the earth with a glass of champagne in hand. This could just be the cleverest idea yet for a romantic date. Of course, more planning would be involved in going on a date in a hot air balloon than a traditional dinner date. You would have to book in advance and pay quite a bit of money. You also need to be sure that your prospective date is willing and not afraid of heights since this would obviously spoil the fun.

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In South Africa they offer balloon date rides over the beautiful and stunning Magaliesberg Mountains. There are also game viewing safaris at Mabula and Entabeni Private Game Reserves. If you are dating an animal lover, then a game viewing safari, if you are in Africa, may be the way to go.

There are some basic things to consider when planning for a hot air balloon trip. One thing is what to wear. Remember that it will be colder higher up in the air so be sure to wear layers and bring a sweater to keep warm. Wear sensible shoes. This is especially important for women who may want to wear high heels. It will be difficult to traipse through a field and try to climb into a wicker basket wearing high heel shoes. It is also not a good idea to wear a dress as not only is that awkward for climbing into and out of the basket but may blow up in the wind. Sensible clothing will be best and if it is winter, warmer clothing.

You should also consider packing sunscreen as you will be exposed to harsh sunlight while up in the balloon. Remember to bring a camera to take snapshots of the scenery. The entire event can take about two to three hours so be prepared for that. A pair of binoculars can also come in handy, especially if you happen to be out on a game viewing ride.

Date on a Hot Air Balloon

Balloon rides in the US are not as expensive as you may expect, the price can vary from anywhere from about $90 to $250. You should also consider the time of year to go, so if you want to see the changing colors of leaves, then Fall would be a good time to go. Remember you may be up there for a few hours so you may want to take food with, possibly have a picnic in the air. The balloon trips usually involve a toast with champagne, which is a balloonist tradition.

Bear in mind that hot weather balloon rides do depend on the weather which is one drawback. Generally, the best conditions are in the morning, on dry clear days where you will be able to see far. The ideal date then would be a well-planned trip in an area where you can view tranquil and beautiful surroundings.