Hot Air Balloon Races

Hot air balloons are one of the most interesting and fun inventions for leisure activities. For centuries, humans have been fascinated with flying and going to greater and greater heights. Now a days we take this for granted as we have such easy access to airplanes and such things. The innovation of the hot air balloons allowed people long ago to admire the world from above. This amazing invention touched the hearts of many and this is how hot air balloon festivals and races were born. People with similar interests and with a common love for hot air balloons gather to compare their balloons and to test their skills in flying these amazing contraptions. This is a great show even for people that are new in this hobby. But choosing the perfect hot air balloon race to attend can be a challenging task. We have listed some of the greatest hot air balloon races and festivals in order to show you the amazing beauty of these inventions and of course for a little competitive fun as well.

Great Reno Race

The Great Reno balloon race is one of the largest hot air balloon events in the world. It takes place every year and it gathers thousands of people that are curious to see the best and most beautiful hot air balloons in the world. The event is very family-friendly and there are also many workshops about hot air balloons and how to maintain them. The main event here is the hot air balloon race. This is an amazing show because you see the sky full of colored hot air balloons. This event also attracts some of the best photographers in the world that want to capture this unique sight. It is definitely one of the best hot air balloon events in the world.

European Balloon Festival

This is the largest event of this kind in Europe. It takes place every year in Igualada, Spain. It attracts thousands of tourists and one of the main events here is the hot air balloon race that makes an amazing show. The event hosts some of the best hot air balloon designers that like to share their experience and knowledge with other people.

Taiwan International Balloon Fiesta

This race takes place in Taitung, Taiwan. It is one of the largest fests of this kind in the whole of Asia. The events attract many hot air balloon enthusiasts that like to show off their contraptions and the main attraction is when they test their skills in flying with their balloons.

Fun Fest

This is another great hot air balloon festival that also has a race as the main event. It takes place in Massachusetts, United States and as the names says, it is a very fun festival. It attracts people from all over the world and the overall atmosphere here is very friendly. The event also offers many other activities like workshops, concerts and traditional festival food. It is a very fun activity option for families and it is definitely a place worth going.