Hot Air Balloon Extreme Sports

Hot air balloon was the first flight machine that was ever invented, and they have been a sensation ever since. Their history starts more than one hundred years ago and when they first appeared, they managed to shock and impress the whole world. With their help, a new world was opened, the idea of air travel was becoming a reality. A long calm flight across beautiful scenery was available to those who could afford it. Today the thrill of being up in the air has not worn off. But besides the lazy and calm flights in a hot air balloon there is also a crazy side. There are many new extreme sports that have come about in recent years. We have listed some of the hot air balloon extreme sports to show you this different side of them and to inspire you for your next vacation.

Extreme Hot Air Ballooning

Extreme hot air ballooning is the first on our list. A typical ride takes 90 minutes and it ends up with a bottle of champagne or wine. However, this extreme version means that you will fly at extremely high altitudes for a long period of time. This is one of the most extreme sports in the world, actually. Some of the longest journeys can last for weeks in a row and you will pass hundreds of miles. You have to be very well prepared for this ride. One of the most famous fans of this sport is Richard Branson. He started in the 90’s and stated that it one of the most interesting things to do in life. If you are courageous enough, then give this sport a try.

Tightrope Walking

Tightrope walking sounds dangerous by itself. But doing this on a rope tied between two hot air balloons sounds even more dangerous. The walker has to wear a parachute or to be connected with a safety rope to one of the balloons. The sport has more and more fans and there are countless videos that show how cool it is. People that do this sport say that it is the ultimate adrenaline rush and that you definitely feel one with the nature. You feel every breeze and you can admire the nature and clouds from a whole different perspective.


Hot air balloon skydiving is another cool sport that is definitely worth trying. It is just like normal skydiving, but the starting point is the basket of a hot air balloon. It is extremely fun and skydiving fans stated that they prefer it over the normal skydiving. The beautiful part is that you get to observe the nature from above before jumping.

Rope Swing

The hot air balloon rope swinging is an extremely fun option. You definitely get an adrenaline rush while you observe the nature while swinging above the clouds. This extreme sport has more and more fans all over the world and it is definitely a nice idea if you want an interesting day.