Fun Facts About Hot Air Balloon

Are you going on a flight with a hot air balloon? They are so many funny and interesting facts about the hot air balloon you would love to know. So, before you go on that amazing adventure you have been dying to have, here are some fun facts about the hot air balloon you will love to know about. The hot air balloons were invented in France in the 1700s. A sheep, duck, and chicken were the first passengers to fly on a hot air balloon. They all survived the flight which was the very first hot air balloon flight. The flight lasted for about eight minutes.

The longest hot air balloon flight to be recorded was piloted by Richard Branson. The craft took off in Japan and touched ground in northern Canada. This flight is the fastest recorded flight across the skies with the speed of about 245 miles per hour. A festival for hot air balloon is hosted every year in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The festival is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. It lasts for about nine days and features over 750 hot air balloons. You cannot fly a hot air balloon in the rain. The hot air inside the balloon can cause the rain to boil on top of the balloon and this will lead to the destruction of the hot air balloon fabric.

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It is a long tradition that a champagne is popped each time a hot balloon lands (be sure to grab along with a bottle). This tradition dates back to the invention of the hot air balloon. It is said that back in time, local farmers thought that hot balloons descending from the sky might be dangerous dragons descending from the skies. In other to calm the farmers fear and make peace with them, the hot air balloon pilots would share a bottle of champagne with the farmers whose land they have disturbed.

The record height for a hot air balloon is 68,986. This was measured by staunch hot air pilot Vijaypat Singhania. Vijaypat with is co-pilot had to wear an oxygen mask in other to stay alive at such heights. This is one of the riskiest feats achieved by man. The feeling of peace, beauty, and romance comes to mind whenever you think of the hot air balloon. Back in the days during the American Civil war, hot air balloons were used by both sides for reconnaissance missions.

Finally, so many passengers of the hot air balloon do not know that hot air balloons have a chase crew. You too don’t know right? Yea, and if you are wondering who are the chase crew, they are a ground crew that follows the hot air balloon throughout its period of flight in a chase vehicle. A chase vehicle is usually big enough to take on the balloon, its wicker basket and the passengers at the end of the balloon flight. With these fun facts, you can comfortably board a hot air balloon and even educate your fellow passengers.