Balloon Safari

The view that you can experience from a ride in a hot air balloon is unforgettable. This of course is its most defining feature, being out in the open air while gazing back down at the land below as it steadily becomes broader and its details smaller. Known to some at the God view, this birds eye perspective of the land makes moment after moment memories you will want to share with everyone. Though most hot air balloon rides take flight over rural areas and some in urban environments, the prospect to use this one of a kind view for something else is now being utilized.

The hot air balloon safari is a concept that really makes sense once you stop for a moment. The balloon ride gives you that gloriously wide and open viewpoint below, while the wildlife beneath you can go about their business. Here you will get to see the animals really living naturally unlike the normal enclosed safaris down on the ground. Not only will you see creatures in a new way but you will also get to take in the landscape of Africa in a way you’ve just never been able to befo

Masai Mara Safari – beginning just before dawn, this skyward adventure requires you to be up early and ready to take in the plains of Africa. As you hop aboard, the flame from the burner bursts to life as you rise up away from the ground in an elegant defiance of gravity. Here the spectacular slow sunrise will work its way up as the collective dusts from below cause the sun to take on a reddish hue. As the whole world comes to life beneath you the magic of the living environment below will captivate you as you drift along on the currents of the wind. You will be able to breathe in the fresh air up there as you gaze down at the landmarks such as the treelines of the forests and the Masai river itself. From up here you will be able to spot giraffe, elephants, big cats as well as spying the life in the treetops as monkeys and other mammals swing about and make noise as the morning arrives. Upon landing you will toast the event with champagne and be given a full breakfast in one of the most memorable mornings you could imagine.

Okavango Delta Safari -another early morning ride, thanks to the still air of the African mornings it makes sense that most balloon safari’s take flight during this time for safety reasons. Here you will grab a hot drink as the balloon is prepped and then you will head upwards. Fluctuating between a height just shy of the treetops and hundreds of feet above ground, here you will see Africa up close and from a distance. Heading over the delta you will be astounded as the lazy sunlight reflects from the many bodies of water creating a fantasy landscape like you’ve never seen. Expect to see all sort of animals going about their business as you drift calmly over the beautiful plains.