Amazing Balloon Designs

We all know the typical shape and style of a hot air balloon. The inverted tear drop has graced the skies for many years and is an easily recognisable item as it soars through the great blue up above. Even though they can come in all manner of colours and patterns, artistic balloon designers have taken it upon themselves to break convention over and over again. Now thanks to balloon festivals and eager creative folk we can see much more than the original shape hovering hundreds of feet above ground. The following are some of the notable and remarkable designs that have hit the world of hot air balloons.

Space Shuttle

A very fitting design and very inspired idea, the space shuttle of course demands to leave the ground and fight the laws of gravity. This fun idea must have come from someone who lived in the age that the race to the moon inspired so many minds all around he world. Unlike the actual space shuttle however this vehicle blissfully wanders across the sky at a much more steady pace with no jet fuel to be seen. This great balloon serves as a constant reminder that we should excel to the stars.

Coca Cola Bottle

Immediately breaking the confines of the shape, this fun and world recognised brand took to the sky in the shape of their iconic glass bottle. Hot air balloons are a fantastic marketing tool for those companies who can afford them, and of course Coke are one of those. Few things have the advantage of advertising to everyone on the ground while facing little competition, which is why Coca Cola isn’t the only company using the devices to raise the profile of their brands (get it).

Ice Cream

Straight from the imagination of a kid with a sweet tooth comes the ice cream balloon. This idea not only fits in with idea of the clouds as the vanilla clump on top simulates just that, but the long questioned fragility of hot air balloons is tackled here. Even though you may fear it will melt as it gets closer to the beaming rays of the sun, this balloon defies the odds as it sends a tasty treat upward to whet the appetite of all those below. Ice Cream company Ben and Jerry’s have also crafted similar designs to market their much loved brand of frozen treats.

Darth Vader

Although this menacing sci-fi villain is somewhat of a fan favourite, its still an interesting idea to make a balloon into something a little unnerving instead of the happy go lucky colours we usually see. This well made tribute to the Star Wars icon stares down at the world with his expressionless mask that somehow always looks angry. Kids will no doubt love to see the memorable character rising above all the rest in a fitting place as it rises toward the stars. Though it does make you wonder how many eyes are staring down at us from above, and if there are space crafts out there ready to begin a battle.