4 Vastly Different Balloon Experiences

When you head up to the skies in a hot air balloon you aren’t really going to see the big blue blanket of ozone that covers the earth. Sure as you ascend you look upward a little seeing where your destination may be amongst the clouds, but it is only natural for us to look outward here you see your current destination drift away as the basket carrying you drifts further skyward.

When you finally reach the top of your ascent you don’t lean out and look up to see how close you are to more sky, the magic of heading up there is that you can now gaze down at the earth below with a brand new perspective. Cities that seemed enormous are now patchworks on the ground, wide raging rivers now narrow lines etched on the floor. Hot air ballooning is really all about the view from above and thanks to the popularity of this laid back transport method you can grab a ride in a variety of different places with their own climates and wondrous views, here are just a few of the variations you can look forward to.

The Greenery of Napa Valley

California’s Napa Valley is commonly known for being pure wine country thanks to the immense rows and rows of grape trees that are grown here. With vineyard after vineyard all lined back to back here the only thing that breaks up these linear patterns are the swanky mansions where the well of folk who grow here also live. In your balloon ride here, you will enjoy greenery in a way you may have never seen it before as you cruise between gorgeous emerald hills and enjoy the patterns formed by laborious farming and cultivation.

The Historic Towns of Turkey

Over in Europe you can find yourself high above the mountains as balloon rides here are popular for visitors who are ready to rise before the sun. From the base of the terracotta mountains you can sail the winds over towns that have been built into the sea of rocks down below. As you move higher you will appreciate the scale of the towns and just how well the buildings fit into the natural formations. Here pillars of stone will jut out from below to meet you and the people busing themselves below will look infinitesimal.

The Historic Towns of Turkey

The Deserts of Namibia

For a different experience altogether you may want to jump into a balloon that careers over Namibia. These dry African planes offer an out of this world tranquillity for balloon riders who want to breathe in the enormous scale of Africa. With only scorched sands, bare trees and empty mountains between you and the horizon, this trip has an otherworldly feel that can be beautiful.

The Snowy Mountains of Switzerland

For another change of pace why not head to the famous ski retreat of the Swiss Alps. Ballooning here is quite different to elsewhere as nature comes along for a lot more of the ride than usual, thanks to the immense height of the mountains. Here the sub zero temperature and the winter wonderland below will have you pleased you are standing next to a giant flame, make sure you wrap up for this one.